Central west Texas helicopter hog hunts designed for maximum hunting time at a fraction of the standard local rates...

It’s prime time to hunt with SwineTime!

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Aerial Hog Hunting

Our aerial hog hunt begins the moment we take off from the ranch. There is no extensive ride from an airport to the hunting location. You will be in a relaxed, rural environment that is only moments from the hunt the entire time. As soon as we leave the ground, the hunt is on.

The properties we use for our hunts are freshly groomed and protected. We rotate lands for a more successful hunt, as the animals won’t get used to frequent intruders. Our packages are designed to accommodate the needs of small to larger groups. We provide all the equipment, including guns and ammunition, needed for the hunt.

Hog Hunting Rates:

  • $1250.00 per hour with a 2 hour minimum
  • Price includes gun and 100 rounds of ammo per hour

Team Building Exercise Program:

  • Customized Team Building Hog Hunt
  • Exclusive experience for Corporations and Executives
  • 2-day course for up to 16 people
  • 1-day course for up to 8 people
  • Team develops hunt, gun & ammunition strategies
  • Scored on safety, communication, strategy and points accrued

Contact us for rates and to customize your team-building hunt

Hunting Agreement

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What you need to provide for your hunt:

A Texas hunters’ identification number. No need to purchase a license, just request an ID number over the counter. Visit the Texas Parks & Wildlife website for more information.

About Us

Based out of Blackwell, Texas, SwineTime offers exceptionally priced hog hunts for the adventure-seeker and dedicated hunter.

Greg Obert and Quaid Obert truly enjoy life behind the controls of a helicopter. Whether it’s guiding a hog hunt, working with hog eradication, or taking kids with health needs out for a spin, they do it because they love and enjoy it.

This father-son pilot team uses a Robinson R44 helicopter to carry out their services. This helicopter is used to allow more affordable hunts as well as for safety and reliability purposes.

Greg and Quaid are also proud supporters of “Hunting for the Cure” and often use their helicopter services in different ways to give back to the community. Greg and Quaid also had the opportunity to collaborate with Brittany Glaze of the Pursuit Channel’s Model Hunters for “Hunting for the Cure.” Click here to watch the Model Hunters episode!

Caleb and “Hunting for the Cure” visit SwineTime in Blackwell, Texas to Helicopter Hog Hunt

Meet Our Team

Greg Obert

Pilot & Guide
  • Spent over 20,000 hours in helicopter
  • Spent over 28,000 hours in aviation industry overall
  • Retired Army Pilot – Flew Blackhawk & Huey Helicopters

Quaid Obert

Pilot & Guide
  • Flown helicopters for over 14 years
  • Born and raised in the aviation industry
  • Enjoys guiding and piloting kids with health needs on hunts

Contact Us

Contact Info:

Call Greg: 719-568-5402
Call Quaid: 719-947-5559
Text Quaid: 719-568-2466